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Our Classes


Join us each week for a new challenge in this fast paced class that will include cardio, circuits, strength and more!

Basic Yoga

Learn essential yoga basics, and experience the wellness benefits of poses, bends and relaxation in a one-hour group session.

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Beginner Circuit

Work at your own pace in this circuit class that includes cardio, light weights, core and flexibility work. A variety of equipment and tools will be used, varying from week to week and you will be sure to get a great workout and have fun!

Chair 2 Floor Yoga

Participants should be able to come off the chair and onto the floor. Be prepared to experience some yoga poses seated, kneeling and lying down on the floor. This class will incorporate stretching as well as strength, and is beneficial for any body.

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Chair Yoga

Learn seated yoga positions appropriate for individuals with joint issues, pregnant mothers and more in this one-hour group session.

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​Ready to challenge yourself by starting your own spinning regimen? Come cycle with us!

Functional Fitness

​This low/non-impact cardiovascular, balance and strength class is appropriate for seniors or individuals who desire fitness gains with little impact on the joints.

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Healthy Living Series

March Madness: A Slam Dunk of Flavor! Just because it is healthy does not mean it has to taste bad! Join us for some taste testing and interactive discussion on spicing up those healthy dishes.


Fat burning no-contact cardio kickboxing workout. Includes sequences of strikes, kicks, and blocks. Great workout for sculpting the entire body.

Muscle Detox

Start winding down your week and your muscles in this great muscle detox class. Increase your flexibility and stretch out those over taxed muscles with the added help of foam rollers for those tight, hard to stretch areas.

Pilates Barre

Segments of light weights for upper body, pilates for core and barre intese isometrics for seat and thighs. Balanced with yoga stretch between each.

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Pilates/Yoga Combo

Our one-hour Pilates/Yoga Combo group fitness class utilizes specially selected pilates and yoga exercises to increase your muscle strength, endurance and overall flexibility.

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Power Burn

This class is designed to help you build muscle strength and endurance throughout the body with the use of body weight, hand weights, and more.

Power Hour

​Push yourself in our one-hour Power Hour class with 30 minutes of hardcore cycling hills, sprints and races, immediately followed by 30 minutes of an intense leg and ab work.

Power Yoga

A dynamic, physical and energizing form of Yoga that sculpts and tones every muscle in the body. Suitable for anyone who prefers a strong, challenging practice.

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​Ideal for everyone from beginners to experienced exercisers, our Pump class targets every major muscle group. With minimal downtime between exercises, you’ll get the most out of using the body bar, dumbbells, BOSU, step bench and more.

Restorative Yoga

A gentle, relaxation yoga class. Appropriate for all individuals.

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Achieve better tone in this strength based class, varying in structure with added circuits, tabatas, & more!

Step & More

This is not your old-fashioned step class! The choreography is minimal and easy to follow. It will be intermixed with strength movements from body weight and hand weights . Expect to be challenged with this calorie incinerating form of cardio.

Strength & Move

This class will focus on strength while varying in structure to include cardio, dance, circuits, and more. A total body, strength workout that you won’t want to miss.

Strength & Tone

Target each major muscle group in this strength training class to achieve better tone and a leaner body.

Strengthen & Lengthen

Spice up and enhance your current workout routine. You will stretch, sculpt, and tone every muscle in the body with this dynamic, power infused class

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Suspension Core & Strength Training

This series benefits people of all fitness levels and delivers a fast, efficient total-body workout. Over 6 weeks you will learn proper positioning and technique to train safely and effectively with suspension training. Integrating bootcamp style exercises with the suspension trainer you will improve muscular endurance and recovery time for everyday activities to athletic competitions.

Xpress Fitness

​Ideal for working individuals and travelers, our convenient morning Xpress class fits a total-body workout into only 45 minutes.

Yin Yang Yoga

A fusion Yoga class consisting of Power Vinyasa and Yin Deep Stretch.

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